Mr. Arun Bhardwaj from Himachal Pradesh visits IAD

Mr. Arun Bhardwaj, an engineer and communication expert visited IAD on 28th December 2013. He is from Himachal Pradesh; graduated in Electronics & Communication Engineering (With Gold Medal & Honors). Mr. Arun has an MBA from the University of California; and is currently pursuing his PhD in Cultural Studies to revive ancient wisdom in modern context. Mr. Arun’s passion is identifying problems and creative solutions. He is a frequent industry keynote speaker on topics like Creativity & Innovation, Branding, Cloud Computing, Efficient Enterprise Strategies, and Innovative Learning Methodologies. He is currently employed with Dell in Bangalore. Mr. Gerban, a physiotherapist from the Netherlands who volunteered at IAD introduced Mr. Arun to IAD. He was impressed with the successive integrative treatment for Filariasis and other chronic skin conditions and planned a visit to IAD during his vacation trip to south India, to learn more about its activities. As a communication expert he also conducted a session on ‘Working Harder to Working Smarter' for the staff members of IAD.

Mr. Arun Bhardwaj with the director of IAD Dr. S. R. Narahari