My experience at IAD


Institute of Applied Dermatology combines local traditional healing with biomedical understanding of the human body. They are one of the few pioneering centres in the world to combine ayuverda, yoga and biomedicine to treat wide variety of dermatological conditions, such as vitiligo and psoriasis. In particular, they have been recognised as global leaders in management of chronic lymphedema.

Often, patients with lymphatic filariasis are left with poor quality of life due to the huge limbs that develop as a result of the parasitic infection. To date, little has been done to address the morbidity. I was astonished to observe gross improvements in patients with the integrative treatment. Furthermore, communicating with the patients and their families enhanced my experience, all of which were grateful for the work of the institute.

My role has continued with the institute to understand the magic behind the treatment. The amalgamation of different practices seem to be very effective, however, questions remain how? And why? The institute is heavily involved in research to address these questions and also to discover new remedies for dermatological condition.

Ms. Karen Elise Coffman,
Medical Student, ,
The University of Arizona College of Medicine USA