Learn and teach

In the learning curriculum of the volunteering programme, we offer to introduce and teach the protocol that was developed by our institute for the treatment of lymphatic filariasis, vitiligo, wound care, lichen planus and other chronic dermatological conditions. During this period of learning, we primarily aim to share our knowledge on integrative dermatology and research. You will learn the various techniques that we follow and also be able to participate in associated research activities. Meanwhile, during your volunteering, you can help us by teaching us methods followed by you in your locality/region/country and help us improve our practices and services. You can also help shape our research.

We would like to open our doors to those who can help us in any possible way.

    • A medical practitioner’s ideas and contributions could help open a new window in the integrative concept.

    • Nurses & therapists can play an important role in treatment services.

    • A counselor’s expertise can aid in enhancing the quality of our service.

    • Software experts can help by improving existing software or introducing new ones to simplify the working model.

    • A senior management expert can contribute valued inputs to re-structure our administrative wing.

    • A proficient communications person can help us build new strategies.

    • One can also provide service through online volunteering.