A Volunteer’s Perspective on IAD


As a first year medical student from the United States, when I first arrived at the Institute of Applied Dermatology virtually everything seemed new. From trying new food to visiting Hindu temples to observing Ayurvedic treatments, IAD was like nothing I had ever experienced. While I made it a point to make as much out of every experience I had while there, two aspects of my time at IAD really stood out.

The first aspect of my experience at IAD that will stay with me forever was learning about integrated medicine and seeing it applied specifically to Lymphedema. What they are doing at IAD is truly amazing and the outcomes have been incredible! I loved learning about how different aspects of Allopathy, Ayurveda, and yoga each have beneficial treatment elements that can come together in a single, individualized, treatment plan. This was something that I had never seen in the U.S. and gave me a new perspective on medicine! It was amazing to see the open mindedness of the physicians and staff at IAD. It is only because of their willingness to see treatment in a new way and their dedication to providing the best patient care possible that the treatment at IAD was created and has been so successful. As a volunteer, I saw this through their excitement to teach and share their beliefs with me, as-well-as through theirinteractions with their patients and each other. The IAD approach to medicine is so exciting to me as a young doctor because it has opened so many new ideas and options for treating my future patients!

The second aspect of IAD that made my volunteership there unforgettable was the hospitality and kindness everyone involved showed me. Traveling in India can be challenging; I know that I would not have had such a good experience without the help of everyone at IAD. I learned so much about different aspects of life in India; life as a woman, as a physician, as a human. I made great friends and had many wonderful conversations. I felt comfortable to ask anyone there about all aspects India and also about the treatment at IAD. I was accepted with open arms and feel that I truly became a part of the family at IAD!

Mr. Mohsan Malik,
Medical student,
Kings College,