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Training on Integrative Medicine

Training on Integrative Medicine

Live demonstration of integrative treatment procedures will be organized for interested delegates.

1. Compression therapy in lymphoedema
2. Slow and co-ordinated yoga and breathing exercises for lower limb lymphoedema (including alternate positions)
3. Slow and co-ordinatedyoga and breathing exercises for upper limb lymphoedema (including alternate positions)
4. Integrative Skin care for lymphoedema
5. Image aqusition in Dermatology
6. Integrative case taking and documenting evidence in vikrithi table of comparable biomedical terms
7. Visit to biochemistry & Moleculor Biology Laboratory and introduction to its functioning.

Prior registration is mandatory for all the above training workshops.

Compression therapy in lymphedema:

Lymphoedema is a chronic disease needing life-long treatment. Compression is vital in order to get the most effective outcome of treatment and must never be replaced by any other method. This session includes the compression therapy which is given as a part of integrative treatment. The compression therapy used in IAD is cost effective, can be replicated in resource poor settings. The training process will be followed as discussed in
S R Narahari, Terence J Ryan, Kuthage Viekananda, Pierre BrantusCompression therapy in Indian villages. Compression Therapy: A position document on compression bandaging (Best practice for the management of lymphoedema - 2nd edition)

Integrative skin care:

The consensus statement of the International Society of Lymphology stresses the importance of skin care in lymphedema. The integrative treatment protocol has converged ayurvedic skin care with that of dermatology with the aim of achieving patient management that is better than that achievable by a single system alone. Ayurveda describes how lymphatic channels (srothomukha) become dilated and how metabolic activity in the skin (bhrajaka pitta) increases to improve the color of the skin. This session includes the description of integrative skin care measures.


Yoga used as a major component of integrative treatment protocol. The breathing exercises in yoga help lymph drainage; where as the yoga postures (asanas) facilitates peripheral lymph drainage and gait correction. This session delivers a practical session on yoga exercises used in upper and lower limb lymphedema and discusses the role.

Please read following papers before attending the training

Narahari SR, Ryan TJ, Aggithaya MG. How Does Yoga Work in Lymphedema? J Yoga Phys Ther 2013; 3:135. doi: 10.4172/2157-7595.1000135 and Aggithaya MG, Narahari SR, Sudha V, Shefuvan M, Neethu KJ, Sushma KV. Self care integrative treatment demonstrated in rural community setting improves health related quality of life of lymphatic filariasis patients in endemic villages. Acta Tropica 2013; 126: 198-204

Image acquisition standardization and image analysis:

Digital images give a realistic and objective status of skin diseases. It is important to analyse objectively. We standardized image acquisition set for Vitiligo patients. This session discusses the standardized pattern of vitiligo imaging. The session will be conducted by Dr. Keerthana Prasad, School of Information Sciences, Manipal University and Dr. Roopa, IAD.

Integrative case records and case taking:

The integrative case sheet developed for lymphedema, vitiligo, psoriasis and wounds describes how a patient should be examined together by multisystem doctors. This session discusses the method of case taking, recording the parameters, LF13 database, and statistical analysis.

Please read this paper before attending the training

Narahari, S. R., Ryan, T. J., Bose, K. S., Prasanna, K. S. and Aggithaya, G. M., Integrating modern dermatology and Ayurveda in the treatment of vitiligo and lymphedema in India. International Journal of Dermatology, 2011;50: 310–334

Seprate training fee should be payed and this is not included in the conference registration fee. Each training workshop has an additional fee of Rs 500/-

Dr. Rajagopala S11/12/2013 11:49:41 am

I would like to attend the workshop on "Image acquisition standardization and image analysis". Please provide me the details

To. Dr. Rajagopal11/14/2013 07:07:28 am

We will publish details soon

unnikrishnan.v.s02/09/2014 01:25:34 pm

sir, i am ur ex. staff nurse. i would like to join ur lymphedema special class.