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Our team, at Institute of Applied Dermatology, aims to alleviate difficult-to-treat skin ailments by combining the benefits of biomedicine (Allopathy) with Ayurveda, Homoeopathy, Yoga and other traditional Indian medicine systems. We have mastered this integrative protocol through intensive research and application in collaboration with research institutions not only in the country but worldwide.  The success stories have attracted the attention of medical experts in the field the world over.  Our mission is to continue to make a significant social impact by driving the concept of health awareness into the local community by working with government bodies.

IAD is a success story of volunteerism too.  Doctors, scientists, para medical experts, social workers and intellectuals from around the world contribute their knowledge, expertise and time to shape the programs of this not-for-profit research institution.  Every patient who walks in receives warm and caring treatment regardless of his social and financial status.

About one fourth of the patients, who belong to the economically weak sections, receive treatment on concessional rate. IAD gives some assistance to other patients too, keeping in mind the physical, mental and psychological status.  Chronic skin diseases and lymphatic Filariasis, we find, can lead to discrimination, ostracism and loneliness and in IAD we believe in giving them back their dignity and space in society.

Having treated more than 10,000 patients, we believe our success is heartening and our vision now is to spread our wings and introduce this unique protocol to the rest of the world. With recognition coming, though gradually, from the western world, IAD aims to offer relief and a new life to many more people suffering from skin diseases, neglected and ignored for long.