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What is Filarial Fever?

Filarial fever is a condition where filariasis patients are suffering a lot from recurrent fever with chills and redness of their limbs. It is also known as ADLA (Acute Dermato Lymphangio adenitis).   The swelling/oedema over the leg is a disturbance in their body image. And the patients become used to, this long term suffering. Most of the patients coming to us ask for relief from filarial fever, in addition to reducing the swelling.

 One of our patients with massive swelling over both lower limbs for the past 20 years says “As the year passed by I became used to long-standing oedema and it became part of my life. I want a solution to the fever which troubles me every month”. After taking treatment at our institution and home-based self-care treatment now after a year, the patient says “The last fever episode was before coming to your institution, and I am leading a very happy life now.”

How to control Filarial Fever?

First and foremost, you have to maintain good personal hygiene to avoid certain infections which will lead to filarial fever. Washing limbs with soap and water, keeping the toe web spaces clean and dry to prevent fungal infections. It is one of the primary cause of filarial fever. Safeguard your lower limbs from such entry points of bacteria like ulcer, excoriation, caries tooth, and eczema (Itching). Immediately treat your skin infections and tooth cavity. This helps to avoid filarial fever and the advancement of the disease condition.

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