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Love-Hate Relationship Of Mind And Body

Doctor!-My eczema is getting severe; I am unable to bear the itching told 24-year-old Smitha during her consultation, 18-year-old Nazeema was looking dull and anxious. Still, when she counseled in person she revealed and broke down saying, my parents are looking out for an alliance hiding the fact that I have vitiligo all over my body parts. I am noticing its spread to my face as well!

This and so many other stories of domestic violence, divorce, job-related stress, etc. seen in daily dermatology clinics. But are all these taken into account during treatment? Is it necessary?

In all these cases, it’s the skin that is affected, but the mind that is suffering! That’s because the mind and the skin are intimate and connected.  It is observed that skin diseases like psoriasis, Lichenplanus, Acne, Vitiligo Alopecia, Eczema etc. are always triggered by stress and anxiety.

Psycho dermatology is an emerging science linking skin and mind. The impact of a person’s emotion is depicted on his skin, and one system of medicine alone doesn’t suffice the need. An integrated approach towards skin disease, including the diagnosis from Allopathy and mind and body analysis from alternative therapies like Ayurveda and homeopathy, a good counseling session along with some calming pranayama and yoga can do wonders.

Homeopathic and Ayurvedic sciences always work towards the root cause of the disease and emphasize wellness and calmness of both body and mind.

Counseling has a significant impact on such skin disorders where patients core problem is addressed along with disease and treatment information. This will prepare the patient to accept and understand the pathology.

Simple yogasana, along with pranayama calms the mind and in the long run, helps the patient to keep stress away.

Since skin is associated with a personal appearance, a person has to deal with social stigma and self-esteem related issues. Due to this gradually, some patients end up having depression and anxiety issues.

Institute of Applied Dermatology follows an integrative approach towards skin diseases and trying its best to give complete care of mind, and body approach is neglected skin diseases.

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