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It was a fine evening. After the wee hours of school, a schoolgirl came to IAD for the first time, along with her parents. A little girl of 8 years, with all the innocence of her age. She had covered her head with a small scarf which was a part of her uniform and religious custom.  The parents seemed to be tensed, which was reflected in the kid’s face too. 

They began the story. The girl has been under severe hair fall since 9 months along with scaly eruptions on the scalp. It began as small dot-like scaly eruptions in the beginning and followed to spread around. The girl received a few treatments in the past without significant relief. Then she was referred to IAD. The eruptions seemed to be expanding fast and there was associated itching. On examination, she had scanty scattered hair on the frontal area and few more strands towards the occipital region which was tied in a small bun.  She had a persistent history of allergic rhinitis and also foot irritation some time ago.

Her case diagnosed as alopecia areata. She used to get startled in between the sleep and used to cry in sleep. Also, she had suffered an emotional attack at the age of 4 when her mother had delivered. She could not hold on urine for a long time.  The ayurvedic assessment of prakruthi, vikruthi was done. Based on the detailed case-taking based on Homoeopathic and Ayurvedic principles, the medicines prescribed, and the integrated treatment at IAD started.

She followed up after a month. She looked more pleasant and lively. A few lumps of small hair (new hairs) was visible in the frontal region. And the scaling had reduced. We prescribed our second course of medicines and sent off.

In the following visit of hers, we could see her smiling cheerfully while the face of the parents was glowing out of happiness.  Hairs have started appearing in other areas as well. There were only 2 round bald spots posteriorly. No eruptions remained.

Well…in the next stage, we could see a normal kid with good hair except for one spot where there is zero hair growth. She was dancing around and running around with her little brother!. It has been a treat to our eyes how she transformed from a gloomy little girl to the cheerful self today.

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