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Theme: simplification of integrative medicine
treatment of Lymphatic Filariasis

Focus theme of the colloquium:

“Integrative Medicine (IM) selects best practice from public health and biomedicine.” It is increasingly felt that IM would complement modern medicine by providing cost effective treatment. IM combines latest scientific advances with profound insight of ancient healing systems. Complementary and alternative systems of medicine (CAM) are playing vital role in public health by the virtue of their acceptance by people with or without government backing.

Institute of Applied Dermatology (IAD) in Kasaragod has highlighted the benefits of IM and CAM to the public health program particularly to manage large number of common diseases affecting rural populations such as Lymphatic Filarisais (LF). The colloquium will discuss the evidences to support the benefits of IM for public health to simplify the successful IM treatment for Lymphatic Filariasis.

Importance of the 7th colloquium on Integrative Medicine in Global and National Context

Innovation in the treatment of Lymphatic Filariasis (LF) has received low priority from the Governments and pharmaceutical industry. Most medical treatments offered for lymphoedema are too demanding for patients who have low concordance due to complex schedules.

A National colloquium was organized at the IAD at Kasaragod, Kerala during 2013 inviting all stake holders in lymphoedema to decide on the future priorities for lymphoedema and LF. Participants of this priority setting colloquium identified seven top priorities for advance research in the treatment for lymphoedema and LF and integrative medicine. Some research groups are working on these priority research questions.

The 7th colloquium proposes to review and conduct interactive sessions with patients and research teams to evaluate the progress in the following areas

1. Simplification of Integrative treatment of Lymphoedema and LF and role of each major component (Ayurveda including Yoga, compression therapy and washing) in producing clinical outcomes in different grades of Lymphoedema.

2. Economic benefit with integrative medicine for the morbidity reduction of lymphatic filariasis for disease affected populations and government.

3. What are the cellular changes following lymphoedema treatment? Can lymphoedema be reversed following integrative treatment?